Coro Primo Vere


Mario Scaramucci: The Conductor

Since 1998, Mario Scaramucci is the conductor of “Primo Vere“ choir. Mario Scaramucci is professor of music theory at “Agostino Steffani” Conservatory in Castelfranco [TV]. He has a degree in organ, organ composition, choral music, choral conducting and harpsichord at "Benedetto Marcello" conservatory in Venice, where he has studied under the supervision of Elsa Bolzonello Zoia and Sergio de Pieri.

He has studied also with W. Van de Pol [organ composition], Annaberta Conti [harpsichord], Ireneusz Lukaszewski [choir conduction], Jürgen Jürgens [choir conduction], H. Vogel [organ], H. Davidsson [organ], B. Baroffio and N. Albarosa [Gregorian chant].

He has performed more than a thousand hundred concerts as a soloist, in chamber and in orchestra, as well as choir and orchestra conductor, in Italy and abroad, alternating these activities with teaching and composition. He has an interest in problems concerning the interpretation of early music, especially the harpsichord – Organ of XVI, XVII e XVIII Century. In 1996 he has achieved a Certificate of Merit at the International Tournament of Music in Varenna [LC] for the organ section.

From 1983 to 1987 he has played as a harpsichordist accompanying, at the International Summer classes of Polcenigo [Pordenone]. In the same years, he taught History and Aestethics of Music at “Pietro Edo” school of music in Pordenone.

 He was the accompanist of the "Chancel Choir" USAF of Aviano [PN.]  

He is also conductor of “Primo Vere” female choir of Porcia and the polyphonic choir “Città di Pordenone”.

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Dewis Antonel: Piano accompanist

Dewis Antonel graduated in piano at "G. Frescobaldi" Conservatory in Ferrara under the supervision of Prof. Christine Meyr. His passion for composition studies began with Maestro Dario Regattin, combining music, theater and multimedia performances and working on projects as musical consultant and author of soundtracks. His classical training enables him to deal with other genres where the "contamination" of musical languages becomes more evident. Between '97 and '98 he pays with the "Rondò Veneziano" at EPCOT Center at Walt-Disney World [Orlando, USA].

He teaches music at the secondary school of 1st degree "E. Vendramini” in Pordenone and teaches piano at the Musical Association "V. Ruffo" in Sacile.

He has been following the concert activity of the polyphonic choir “Città di Pordenone” as a backing vocalist and as accompanist and from 2012 he is deputy director. Since 2000 he is also accompanist of the female Choir "Primo Vere" of Porcia.

Since 2007, he is technical trainer of the "Studenti Liceo Grigoletti" choir, which has taken part in several concert classes, choir festivals as guest in "La settimana del cervello"[(2008] and the celebrations for the 70th anniversary of the Liceo Scientifico "M. Grigoletti". This year the choir has opened to all music students and teachers of secondary schools becoming Coro Giovanile Studentesco "SingIN' Pordenone", which he prepares and directs together with Maestro Ambra Tubello.